Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Day of School

Happy September!
Happy 1st day of Kindergarten and Preschool to my dear nephew and niece. I was fortunate this past weekend to spend three luxurious days loving them up and being love by them. Their unconditional affection is intoxicating. I adore them so wholeheartedly, being their aunt is one of my greatest joys.

Together we explored a bit of Chicago, visited their local farmers' market, played in the mud, went down water slides, jumped off the diving boards, swam, told jokes, read books, laughed a lot and loved. It was truly an incredible weekend!

I hope the butterflies in their bellies this morning inspire great things as they begin their educational journey. I hope their beautiful character will attract and ignite wonderful life long friendships. I hope today will unleash a thirst for knowledge, nurture their passion for books and reading and continue to develop their curiosities. I am confident that their sense of joy, respect for others and fun personalities are going to serve them well in school and life.

Aunt Tammy


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