Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Green Building Gem

When couples trust my recommendations and hire those who I consider to be my A-team, magic happens. This wedding from last year was packed with goodness and I am so thrilled to share their wedding images and the talent of some of my favorite New York City wedding professionals.

Congratulations to Leslie and Michael and thank you both for entrusting your day to my team and me and thanks to my colleagues for always going above and beyond when caring for our couples. The Newlyweds were thrilled and their guests had a fantastic time!

Sharon from SB Beauty does makeup beautifully, but more so she's a wonderful person to have on your team as you are primping. 

The couple's printed items were designed with care by Park Slope's favorite paper store:  Lion in the Sun. 

The flowers were designed lovingly by Gabrielle at G! Designs! 

The Green Building never gets old, especially when infused with love, laughter and lighting.

The barn tables, chairs and all rentals were from Broadway Party Rentals. 

Carissa Templeton officianted a heartfelt ceremony.

Betsy from Nine Cakes created this pi day original. 

This was one of the couple's favorites! They created their own ice cream flavors with some help from  MilkMade.

Guests were sent home with delicious chocolate from NuNu Chocolates
This wedding was caterered by Chef Rossi and her team at The Raging Skillet
João Kouyoumdjian provided the ceremony music and We Love Photobooths were on hand doing their thing. 

Special thanks to
Renata Levine Photography for sharing these wonderful images.

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