Thursday, July 13, 2017

Weddings at Willowdale Estate


We were so thrilled to partake in the festivities at Willowdale Estate recently. This historic North Shore gem hosted a lovely and inviting evening for their couples and others who expressed interest in seeing their beautiful space and meeting some of Boston's best wedding vendors. We were in excellent company and so very honored that Willowdale extended us this special opportunity to showcase our work and meet and greet many wonderful couples and families. The evening went by  fast and was so much fun.

Thanks to my team: Lauren, Christina, Maddie, Christian and Lindsey, you guys were all amazing! I could not have done this without your help in advance and on the day!

To Monique and the entire team at Willowdale Estate, wow. The space looked so elegant and absolutely enchanting. You created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

To my fellow vendors and friends, I enjoyed seeing your work up close. I just wish we had more time to chat!  I look forward to working with many of you very soon!

To the couples and their families who stopped by our table, thank you! I sincerely appreciate your interest in our business and services. I loved meeting you-- and chatting briefly. Hope we will have more time to get better acquainted in the future. I look forward to hearing about your wedding and how the planning process is going. I am happy to extend the one hour complimentary wedding planning and coordination consultations through 7/17/17.

Have a great week!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Relevant Workshop in Maine

 A few weeks ago, I had the great privilege of attending my first Relevant Workshop in Maine. I was in good company. This workshop was tailored to talented, motivated and dynamic wedding professionals.  We gathered for a full day of listening to amazing speakers, learning relevant content and networking with wonderful individuals. I was quick to pull the trigger to register and was happy my decision was soon confirmed by a friend who attended last year. I arrived with high expectations and they were exceeded. It was a delicious day! My business, soul and belly all left nourished and satisfied.

The William Allen Farm in Pownall, Maine was the perfect home for this retreat. They host weddings, too. It was a great opportunity for me to experience it as a guests. The barn has been beautifully finished, I'd happily welcome an opportunity to  refer this venue to a client and work here in the future.
 The farm tables, complementing chairs and patterned runners from Savvy Event Rental created a warm and inviting atmosphere for us to get cozy in and absorb all the goodness that was bestowed upon us.

Brea McDonald and Meg Simone, our perfect hosts, did an amazing job planning, organizing and coordinating this day. They kept us engaged, on schedule and well fed all day long. This is no easy feat and they did it with sincere warmth, enthusiasm, gratitude and generosity!

We thank and love Maker's Mug  for caffeinating us early in the day. Their chai was delicious!  Planning a sunrise ceremony or brunch wedding? Maker's Mug would be an excellent accompaniment. The White Apron's breakfast was delicious, too. 

Maria Northcott started off the day of talks and her message of community over competition and insisting that there are enough weddings to go around was an excellent message for others to build upon. Maria, I couldn't agree more and appreciate you saying it, believing it and living it. I trust your couples get a great ceremony and I look forward to working with you in the future, hopefully before long. If you're planning a ceremony, or new to the wedding scene in Maine, I'd recommend you get in touch with Maria!

 Nice interior glimpse into the barn as we all listen intently. 

 Meg and Brian are as smart as they are darling--- I hope they don't mind me using that adjective, but I loved being in their presence and felt like their message was directed to me. They are the brains behind Two Pines Creatives and I can't wait to implement what I learned about SEO and more!

Lunch was made from this awesome ol' truck. The folks of Fire & Co. Wood Fire Catering served an excellent salad and delicious pizzas!

After lunch we reconvened into small groups, the table talk I chose was hosted by Kate Martin of Beautiful Days. I loved the conversation she led and inspired with a great group of wedding planners, photographers, florists, bakers and more.

Courtney Wetzel is Blush, Bridal & Formal. She created quite the bridal empire in Maine. Her story was motivating and she offered many take aways in terms of how to market to millennials and grow your business.

 What is your why? I really appreciate how Nadra Edgerley got personal and shared her story that led to her why and how in inspired many, me included to consider and share our own whys. Why we do what we do, what motivates us and more.

 Met so many great people, happy to share a drink and a table with these two film makers. Bryan and Jamie, I look forward to working with you both-- hopefully sooner!

The day was complete thanks to the tunes provided by DJ Jon!

The Old 37 quenched our thirst before we headed home providing beer and wine by yet another excellent vehicle. 

Obviously Meg and Brea did not work alone, but their passion, effort and commitment to the quality of this event was undeniable! And what a team they partnered with! The speakers' content was brilliant,  menus' delicious and productivity of the day was excellent. Thanks so much making our investment of time and resources worthwhile and thank you to the sponsors who made it a fun and decadent day!

Special thanks to Lisa my friend and neighbor and the gifted artist making beautiful wedding films at Next Level Films. I was so happy to share this road trip and experience with her!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weddings at Hasbrouck House and Butterfield

Last week a small group of my colleagues and I were invited to Hasbrouck House's first ever wedding planners' retreat. We were happily spoiled with comfortable and beautifully designed rooms. The hotel's atmosphere was charming, quaint yet elegant. The rooms' aroma matched the aesthetics with a fireplace inside and open flames out back that were used to prepared our delicious dinner. Their team was personable and delivered warm hospitality from our arrival until we had to say good-bye. The attention to detail from the wallpaper to the garnishes in the signature cocktails were superior. I'd highly recommend this property and the venue to couples interested in planning a destination wedding weekend that is drive-friendly from Boston or New York City.

Sincere thanks and oodles of gratitude to the amazing team at Hasbrouck House and Butterfield. What a relaxing little break from the bustle of life. It's wonderful to be on the receiving end of such generosity and hospitality.  I also want to thank the other planners shared in the merriment. It was great seeing you all again. It's good for the soul to raise a glass or two with people who get it.  I respect you all so much. I value your honesty and candor deeply. I am inspired by all you are doing to grow your businesses and feel honored and blessed to work along side of you all in this incredible industry. And to the new friendships made,  it was a pleasure, hurray! I hope you'll all be in touch the next time you're in Boston!

Lastly, Erica, it was such a pleasure to meet and eat with the talent responsible for Clean Plate Pictures and these incredible images. I've been a long time fan of your work, am thrilled to have met you in person and look forward to working with you in the future.

Photo Credit: Clean Plate Pictures