Monday, January 8, 2018

Planners Dining Club Catered by Creative Edge

Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night. When Jove invites,  Creative Edge is cooking and your flight to Florida is canceled, this is the gold lining.

I am excited to dine with some of my favorite event planning colleagues at Jove's Planners Dining Club.

Big thanks and cheers in advance to all those who are treating us to what will no doubt be a decadent evening.

Planning + Design - Jove Meyer Events

Catering - Creative Edge Parties

Venue - West Edge

Flowers - A.P Bio Designs

Rentals - Party Rental LTD

Specialty Rentals - Patina Rentals

Stationery - Foxy & Winston

Music - Lux Artists

Artist - A.E. Kieren
Curious about the dinner, design or decor? Follow along via my instragram here. Or get everyone's insight on this special night by following #plannersdiningclub 

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