Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Greetings from Mrs. Fallon:

After planning my our two weddings and experiencing the unexpected death of my beloved mom, I look forward to getting back to planning clients' weddings in New York, as I continue to build my business in beautiful Boston.  Thank you to those who offered us an abundance of congratulations and comfort from their condolences.

Do you have friends or professional connections in Boston and throughout New England? Know cool couples who were recently or are about to be engaged? Planning a hometown or destination wedding? Interested in hiring a wedding planner or someone to coordinate wedding day activities? If so,  I'd welcome and sincerely appreciate you putting us in touch.

I hope you've had a good summer and your autumn is filled with pumpkins, apples and candy corn.

Tammy Golson Fallon 

Photo Credit: Front Room Photography

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