Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Blog Feature: Vendor Q&A

I have had the good fortune to meet so many incredible and interesting people along my entrepreneurial journey. I am excited to start introducing them to my readers. I am going to ask them questions, sharing their answers on my blog with a sample of their work, links to their sites and my two cents when it's appropriate.

I am thrilled and it's appropriate for me to start by introducing Yura, the brains, talent and charm behind Lux Photo Studios. Yura was one of the first wedding photographers I met ironically standing in line for an industry event. I'll risk how it sounds by admitting I won't stand in line for industry events any more, but I am certainly glad I did that day.

TG: You are from Montreal originally? Do you have favorite hotels to visit or restaurants to try for anyone planning a destination or hometown wedding, a weekend visit or vacation?

I am originally from Montreal, and I miss it more every day.. It's quite a charmer as cities go.

My favorite hotels in Montreal are Opus and St. Paul. Both are chic, boutique hotels with plenty of character. For those who like the old town charm St.Paul is right in the center on Montreal's trendy Old Port. On the other hand, Hotel Opus is located smack in the middle of downtown, close to great restaurants and happening lounges.

As for the restaurants, Montreal features a really vibrant scene. Anthony Bourdain in his new tv show "The Layover" recently did a piece on Montreal's food scene - and I'm here to tell you he did it justice! Among my favorites are Joe Beef, Schwartz's, Au Pied De Cochon, L'express, Garde Manger...

TG: What is your approach to wedding photography and how would you describe your ideal client or wedding if you could put it into words?

In our company, Lux Photo Studios, when it comes to wedding photography, we believe in simple yet powerful philosophy - as a wedding photographer you have to do whatever it takes to make your brides and grooms look hot (for the lack of a better word). They have been preparing for this special day for a long time, much effort was put forth into making it happen, and it would be only fair to make the two people responsible for this event look their very best - we will use advanced lighting techniques, creative angles, best professional equipment, and much more to get the finest possible photographic results.

TG: Do you have a favorite photo from 2011 or a few you'd like to share.

Some of my favorite photographs from 2011 came from a wedding we shot in Montreal, QC. It was a Sephardic Jewish Moroccan wedding, a very soulful and fun, simple yet glamorous.

TG: What is your biggest photography challenge that is often repeated at weddings that seems easily avoided?

The biggest photography challenge is usually the time. There's very little of it on the day of the wedding, and in many cases the day is planned without taking into consideration photographer's or cinematographer's needs. The best solution for it is for the bride and groom to hire an event planner or a day-of-the-wedding coordinator, so that person can professionally coordinate all the vendors and take the pressure off the marrying couple.

TG: Is there one venue in New York that you're most looking forward to working at?

New York has so many wonderful venues, and we are happy to say that we have shot in most of them, however one venue has escaped us so far - Cipriani Wall Street. We are looking forward to one day when we will create some magic in that place.

TG: I can't wait to check out some of these recommendations, my one and only trip to Canada thus far was for Winter Carnival in Quebec City many years ago, it was simply amazing. My favorite celebrity Candian foodie is Chuck Hughes and today I discovered by accident a wedding blog devoted to Canadian Brides, Champagne Sweets. Congrats to Valarie, who I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, she's is a lovely and smart colleague, was a beautiful bride very recently--her new project is destined to be a beautiful blog!

Photo Credit: Lux Photo Studio

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