Friday, July 22, 2011

Sugar Flower Cake Shop Matchmaking Party

In searching for inspiration to present cupcakes in yet a new way, next month at a hometown wedding, I found myself on the Sugar Flower Cake Shop blog, literally. When ever I complained about a picture of myself growing up, my dad always lovingly reminded me that pictures don't lie, Tammy. Well dad now thanks to photoshop, cropping, untagging and other editing tricks they may not lie but at least we don't have to be reminded of our faults. So when I saw this picture of myself I was admittedly at first a bit taken back but then decided that it shows my enthusiasm for what I do and the new dress I got in Ireland that I was on the fence about, so instead of hiding it, I'll own it and share it with all of you. A while back Amy, the owner and founder of Sugar Flower Cake Shop enlisted my services in helping plan an event that would introduce and celebrate her new space to select industry, media and press. Thrilled with the outcome, you can see all the pictures and read about the highlights and details of the night on her blog here and here.

I wish I remembered what promoted such a physical reaction from me. Thanks Amy for this opportunity, it was a sweet night!

Also in this picture are two of my wedding faves, Jackie from Merci New York and Sarah from Brilliant Event Planning.


  1. I really like this photo of you! Shows you are excited about what you do.

  2. Thanks, it's a little silly, but organic, so thought I'd share. :)