Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Venue for Same Sex Weddings

As history is about to be made and same sex couples gear up to get married on Sunday. An alternative to the crowds and heat of City Hall is the brand new and stunning Porter Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea on West 28th Street. Owner and Founder Jessica L. Porter recently moved her space and in honor of the new address, Jessica celebrated with a name change (formerly Raandesk Gallery) and a brand revitalization.

Time to let the pictures speak for themselves:

Jessica with painter, Jason Bryant.

These pictures were taken at the gallery's opening in June introducing A Portrait Apart, a gorgeous show not to be missed. If you are interested in the space for Sunday, another day or the art on the walls, let us know. The Gallery is a perfect venue for bridal showers, cocktails parties, wine tastings and more. Private viewings and artists talks can also be arranged.

Venue: Porter Contemporary
Coordination: Tammy Golson Events
Flowers: Gabrielle Aronas
Brownies: Sweet Muse
Photography: My Name Is Photo

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