Thursday, July 22, 2010


My post vacation absence from the blog is due to a medical complication. My dad's fractured pelvis was followed by an infection which got very serious, very quickly. It resulted in emergency surgery followed by two more procedures and a brief visit to the Intensive Care Unit. Sleeping in hospital chairs doesn't make one coherent enough to construct intelligent sentences that are worth sharing. I tried.

I am happy to report that my dad's third procedure today went well and that even though he has a long and likely uncomfortable, recovery in front of him, he is on the mend and in great spirits. Hurray! Gigantic kudos to the nursing staff at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. They have treated him (us) with such warmth, respect, kindness and sincerity. Thanks to all my social media supporters who were following my updates and offering their love, thoughts and prayers. Well done!

Meanwhile, there are excellent things happening for Tammy Golson Events. I am so excited to share one bit of great news specifically. Please check the blog on Monday!

Have you read my post on The New York City Wedding Boutique this week? It offers fun ways to sweeten wedding related events.

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