Monday, November 2, 2009

Original Escort Card Alternative

What is this? I too was unsure when I first saw it on-line. Then I arrived at The Knot Party and saw my name in color! Even party professionals love to see their names upon arrival to an event. It's the univeral, welcome, we are glad you came message which sets the tone for the wedding, party or bar mitzvah. This chart was Elana of Melangerie's answer to the escort card table. She personalized this chart to list all the wedding professionals attending this industry event hosted at the very hip New York Academy of Sciences building on the 40th floor of 7 World Trade Center. There were crowds of people surrounding the chart looking for their names. We love original ideas! Each catergory: planner, florist, photographer, etc. was represented by a different color. Imagine your family in purple, his family in brown, your college friends in green, high school friends in tan. Customize a chart for your next event and create a keepsake. Thanks to Elana and her team for always introducing us to the coolest new concepts. Love it!

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