Friday, November 7, 2014

Weddings at Wheatleigh

This year's Berkshire's Wedding Tour began with a stunning welcome dinner at Wheatleigh. This wedding venue is one of The Berkshire's most elegant and luxury treasures. The evening was a feast for the eyes and our taste buds. 

 The table and flowers were designed by the gentleman of New Leaf Flores.

Butternut Squash Ravioli, Maitake Mushrooms, Spinach and Black Truffle.

Here I am pictured with the lovely Soraya, a fellow wedding planner from my beloved Brooklyn. 

Thanks so much to Tara, Ruthie and Lauren, the amazing tour committee who put so much time, thought and effort into the planning and coordination of the diverse venue tours, comfy accommodations, superb dining and endless logistics. It was seamless from this guest's perspective and truly enjoyed by the attendees. Congratulations ladies on a successful tour. So happy to be included and in such great company. There is more from our tour here.


Photo Credit: John Seakwood Photography

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