Monday, January 9, 2012

The Truth Behind Wedding Videos

As I get back into blogging after a busy year and a very happy holiday season, I am going to start slow yet strong by sharing a few wedding videos that demonstrate the documentation of the film professionals I have had the pleasure of working with, while showcasing some of my finest weddings from 2011.

I am often asked by couples planning a wedding, if they should hire a professional videographer. Video is not always budgeted for in the beginning and is sometimes a decision that is left to late in the planning process, but personally I always recommend it. So much time, money and effort is invested into looking good, delivering speeches, practicing dances and making sure guests have fun, couples can't be everywhere and will evidently miss something and may not remember specifics once the day has passed. Even if the video is watched infrequently, it's one of the few opportunities you'll have to capture aging relatives, growing families and those you are closest to all at once, especially while everyone is looking their best.

Today I will start with Avivit and Jon's wedding, which was documented by: Cinevent Productions. I am going to let the videos this week stand on their own, I will be crediting the wedding professionals and sharing more of each wedding as I post the still images in the weeks to come, so please check back often.


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