Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tasting at L'Artusi

Disappointed to miss a much anticipated lunch with make-up artist Anni Bruno, a very decadent "meeting" and one of Gabriella's fabulous parties due to my accident, drained and broken I was determined to go through with the scheduled photo shoot. It was far too important to me to sacrifice. The shoot was for a contest and it was impossible to reschedule due to other commitments. After a successful shoot, I was invited to a very special tasting. I was very reluctant to be seen in public (anymore) but was certainly tempted by:

housemade ricotta with honey, Garganelli pasta with mushroom ragu, Cavatelli pasta with spicy lamb sausage, Branzino with roasted lemon and olives, and olive oil cake

*Tips for getting people to attend your party? Include the menu in communications leading up to the event. Do you have a good guest list? Let it leak.

Then the guest list tipped the scales for me. I was not going to let vanity get the best of me.

My decision to attend the tasting at L'Artusi, was well rewarded by a delicious evening of amazing food and lovely company. I always appreciate a quality culinary experience right before I leave New York to visit my family in the Midwest. I am happy no exception was made this time.

Three cheers for the fresh ricotta, olive oil cake and the Amaretto cookies covered in pine nuts. This restaurant is a lovely venue for bridesmaid luncheons, showers and rehearsal dinners.

Photos Courtesy of Jen Huang Photography

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