Tuesday, January 12, 2010

International Eye Candy- A Brazilian Wedding

Brazilian weddings are very similar to weddings in the United States. They are more formal than some and tend to go on later into the evening.

A dear friend is Brazilian by marriage and recently attended the wedding of her brother-in-law. Knowing how I appreciate the details, she asked her husband to take these pictures. What inspiration! While there are many similarities between the cultures, I absolutely appreciate the different look to this event. I love the rustic elegant decor showcased in these photographs.

The table setting. I love the wood table, no linen look.

The dessert table.

The wedding cake reflects the couple, her Louis Vuitton Bag, his law books (in Portuguese, of course) The couple honeymooned in Paris.

Congratulations to Denise and Alexandre!

1 comment:

  1. So pretty !!!
    There is nothing more delicious than a Brazilian desert table :-)
    I am planning a Brazilian wedding for myself.