Monday, August 24, 2009

Marrying in Montauk

Today was a productive and picturesque day for a dear couple marrying in Montauk in September. They signed contracts, booked overnight accommodations and shopped for flowers (just to see what's out there and to gauge what will be available in September) This talented couple is going to brave the flower design on their own!

Farm fresh yellow cherry tomatoes were pop in your mouth dirty delicious.

These vibrant flowers were $10 for the biggest bunch at Helen's Greenhouse & Flower Farm.

The bride preferred this more subtle color palette.

The blackberries were a personal purchase, and perfection!

I love seeing flowers in their natural state.

One of the brides favorite, a consideration for the escort card table.

We collected beautiful stones that will be incorporated into their table decor.

Then we dipped our feet in the water!

Photos by the new iPhone.

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  1. Well I was hoping to see a photo of your romantic dinner with Sam on the Montauk shoreline but your other fabulous photos will do! Thanks for the shoutout on the Indian wedding photos. You're the best!