Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding Photojournalism

This is one of the most interesting, original and inspiring engagement videos I have ever seen. Take a look:

Thanks to Yura Liamin of Lux Photo Studios for sharing his images, his perspective and answering the question, what is photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism focuses on capturing the little things, the details, sudden emotions, instant reactions, true feelings, and is evolving from a simple trend to become the standard in the wedding photography industry. It branches away from traditional wedding and event photography associated with posed shots and “everybody smile” and “look happy” poses. While traditional photographers create bridal images that are mostly posed and scripted, photojournalist captures bridal images with very little involvement in the composition of the photograph. Spontaneity makes for the best images. An image should tell a story, set a mood, and be filled with character.

Moments Rather Than Poses

The true strength of wedding photojournalists is in informal, candid, documentary style of wedding photography and videography. Professional photojournalists capture the images and videos throughout the wedding day or an engagement session or a corporate party that tell a story. The photographer unobtrusively seizes each action of the day, without staging elaborate shots and the events are captured in a pure, genuine state.

This style is right for you if you want both candid and artistic photos, while being photographed in a loose and relaxed way, with a photographer that lets the actions of the day happen instead of making them happen. Good photojournalists go beyond candid to freeze the action at its peak moment, to capture the essence, to find the feeling… to tell stories of bride and groom, of their special day.

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  1. Tammy,
    I like this post about photojournalistic wedding photos. Great stuff on your blog.
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