Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dear old dad, belated. My dad taught me the importance of the "magic words" which I live by today! Sometimes sarcastically when the cashier at the grocery store forgets to acknowledge me, I'll thank her and wish her a good day!

Last year I treated my dad to really, really good seats at a baseball game. His (ours-- even though I am more of a Yankee fan now, but...) Milwaukee Brewers have a beautiful new stadium that neither of us had been to- so I thought it was time we checked it out.

We drove to McGinn's Irish Pub, a nearby bar, to park our vehicle, had a bloody mary, some greasy bar food (I think this is where my nachos were topped with bratwursts!) and a shuttle took us to the stadium. Apparently parking at the stadium is faraway and expensive. Being a subway girl, the parking thing is all a blur to me, so I defaulted to the advice of my locals. A wise decision. The camaraderie at the bar before the midweek afternoon game was amazing. Doesn't anyone work? Before we got there, I envisioned my dad and I belly up at an empty bar with a few townies at a table nearby. Instead the bar was PACKED with serious Brewer fans anticipating the game. We had to park on the street and shared a table with strangers. Great to experience the fans' enthusiasm first hand.

Our seats at the stadium were amazing and we had a great time. I overheard my dad telling my brother about the excellent seats we had days after.

After the game, we stopped at Gilles for frozen custard. Is frozen custard only a Wisconsin thing? I did it more out of tradition. Gilles is on the way home from the stadium and growing up we were always sure to make the post game stop- win or lose. It tasted amazing! Good to know somethings never change.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you! xo

What's your favorite memory of your dad? Have you had frozen custard?

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