Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bridal Shower Traditions

Twenty women gathered to honor and celebrate our dear friend, as she prepares to get married on Sunday!

We had a lovely brunch in a private room at Metro Cafe & Wine Bar in Manhattan. I love bridal showers and I am a sucker for the traditions.

I like the games. There, I said it. While I don't consider myself a competitive person, I do like to play on occasion. And of course I much prefer to win. We played "How well do we know the bride?" (I did do remarkably well!) Then we put the bride in the hot seat and found out how well she knows her groom. Her bridesmaid got his answers. He answered each question with a funny answer, then a sincere answer. His funny answers were SO funny, the whole table erupted in laughter, at least twice. My mom always tells me how important sense of humor is in a partner, my friend is a lucky lady!

Paper plate ribbon bouquets are tradiiton! (I love/can't believe there is a how to article online to support this notion.) We were getting into making it with each ribbon from every package. This is the bouquet she will use at her wedding rehearsal. It's said each broken ribbon equals a child for the couple.

The last thing they had that I LOVED, is a vintage Polaroid camera. In a pool of digital cameras, this classic tool is a fun alternative!

This was an excellent opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit before the wedding. My friend is clearly loved by many and was so touched by the beautiful efforts of her bridal party.

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