Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baskets & Bunnies, Ham with the Fam

Happy Easter to all!

I haven’t spent Easter with my family in years, but was in town briefly this weekend meeting with clients who are getting married in the fall. I made my first ham. Far less interesting, in comparison to the holiday turkey I adore. Other than peeling potatoes, I love every aspect of hosting Thanksgiving. (except doing dishes, of course) I am not a ham fan, I have decided Easter would be an easy holiday for me to outsource, in the future. Easter colors are beautiful, I like the tradition of coloring eggs, perhaps in the future I'll opt to prepare brunch vs. dinner. Or I'll exercise chef’s choice and stuff a bird and make the turkey!

Question: Where were the small crunchy-coated milk chocolate eggs by Cadbury this year? I did not conduct a thorough search, but I did certainly scan the candy isle on each trip to the store this season and nada! My wallet and waistline are grateful.... I guess.

Last year, I spent Easter with good friends and the sweet bunnies pictured here.

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