Monday, March 23, 2009

Colin Notes

This gorgeous new book is an excellent addition to my event planning library.

My favorite Colin Cowie bits from this book are:

1.) Invitation envelope liners #4 on page 205. Find inspiration in the most beautiful
paper and plan your party around it.

2.) Good-night wishes on page 207. When planning a destination wedding, for turndown service, it is nice to have the staff place a prewritten card on your guests' pillows with a heartfelt thank you for their attendance. This is especially appropriate when your guests have traveled long distances.

3.) Handheld hearts on page 272. When guests arrive, they are invited to draw, from a designated bowl, heart-shaped crystals or stones, along with a set of printed instructions that ask the guests to hold the heart during the ceremony, to put their love and support and best wishes into this heart, and after the ceremony, to deposit the hearts in a box, for the bride and groom to keep. In this way, guests become even more emotionally vested in the ceremony- they are putting their own hearts, their love, wishes and energy, into these symbolic hearts.

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